Colorful speckles

Colorful speckles are an embellishment widely used in synthetic detergent powders. This ingredient performs as a visual enhancing marketing tool that adds to the product identification. They can be obtained in various technical and customized options to meet the specific requirements.


Chemical name: Sodium sulphate (90%)

CAS No.: 7757-82-6

Molecular formula: Na2SO4

Standard executed: GB/T 6009-2003

Packaging: in 25KG PP woven bag with PE liner


Technical specification

Items Standards
Colors available:
Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, etc...
Free-flowing no agglomeration particles
No peculiar smell
Bulk density, g/cm3:
Particle size: Diameter≥1.43mm-40(through 14 mesh
Particle size: Diameter0.45-1.43mm(through 14-40 mesh)
Particle size: Diameter≤0.3mm(through 60 mesh)
Rate of dissolutions:
PH value (1% aqueous solution, 25℃):
Loss on drying %:
Water solubility
Highly soluble
Shelf life/Retest
24 months


A colorful speckle composition in laundry detergent powders and tablets is diverse. The speckles feature exceptional dissolution behavior and flow properties and should leave no residue or cause adverse effects, such as staining, on the laundry. 

The overall composition usually comprises a major proportion of white or neutral particles and a minor proportion of colorful speckles. However, it’s not uncommon to have a compound featuring a significant proportion of colorful particles as the base, mixed with a small amount of a contrasting hue. 

Apart from purely aesthetic purposes, colorful speckles can serve some practical functions, too. Including visually contrasting particles can be a clue to the consumer, indicating the presence of some specific ingredient, such as bleach.

If used solely as a visual enhancer, the colorful speckles composition is commonly present in an amount of 1% – 3%.

The colorful speckles are especially suitable for incorporation in detergent compounds which contain sodium chloride.

Stability/Shelf life

Stable under regular conditions and recommended storage. 

Storage: Tightly closed original package, in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area, away from weight press and sunlight. 


The speckle composition can be prepared by various methods for treating the sodium chloride with the colorant, by any suitable mixing equipment. It’s advisable to use the mixer with stainless steel interior surface to neutralize sodium chloride’s corrosive properties. 

During a procedure, the sodium chloride is dosed into a machine, together with the colorant and the opaque white pigment, followed by a binder. A minor proportion of the silica is preferred, but not a necessary component, added with the sodium chloride. Flow aid is commonly added last. Thorough mixing ensures homogeneity, and finally, the composition dries.

Industry use

The colorful speckles are principally used to improve the visual effect of detergent powder. As an ingredient, it can be added to a previously prepared detergent mix directly, in 1%-3% of the final compound. 

Consumer use

Colorful speckles are a common ingredient in household products, such as detergents, various cosmetic products, toothpaste, and soaps. 


Soluble in water.

Common synonyms

  • Sodium chloride
  • Sodium sulfate
  • Anhydrous color speckles
  • Sodium carbonate color speckles

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Many different colors are available including red, green, blue, orange, pink and others…

Yes, they can be mixed together. Normally, the speckles of different colors will be packaged separately. However, according to requirement of the clients, we can mix them together. 

Yes, as mentioned above, you should pay attention to the granularity, the rate of dissolution and the color of the speckles. The “color” here is more than just the diversity of colors. The important thing is that good colorful speckles will not dye the clothes during washing.

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