We are more than a one-stop solution provider.
We are a partner who understands its customers, supports local development, and strives for mutual growth.

Mission & Vision

100% Client Satisfaction: From the first contact, throughout every stage of the process, we secure the quality and reliability of our products and services.

Environmental Awareness: We strive to make the impact. Our production patterns comprise clean fuel and minimal emission footprint, in line with the golden standards of sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Thriving Communities: We strongly believe that mutual learning curve is the best path to progress. By engaging the members of local communities in our processes, we enhance the shared experience, resulting in mutual benefits.

STPP Group in Numbers

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We are a rounded supply chain for the household detergent industry, led by experts and supported by abundant technical reserves on material supply, plant operation, quality control, and market development.

Through our extensive, reliable network, we keep successfully supplying chemical ingredients, customized packaging, liquid and powder ready-to-sell detergent formulas, providing worldwide commerce coverage.

Additionally, our broad know-how experience is available to our clients through private labeling, contract manufacturing, as well as plant design and set-up services. For over 20+ years, we are continuing to push the limits of providing world-class service, high-quality products, and innovative approaches.

Environmental Protection and Sustainability

All the 7 production bases of STPP Group use clean natural fuels as energy sources, including biomass pellets and natural gas.

Only biodegradable surfactants are being used in our detergent factories, such as LABSA, SLES, and AOS.

STPP Group follows rigorous Emission Standards. Wastewater must be precipitated, decontaminated, and neutralized. Waste gas must go through dust removal and desulfurization before being discharged into the air. Solid wastes are sorted, recycled, and reused.

STPP Group has been devoted to reducing waste of resources. UP to 65% of material transportation among our 7 production bases are done by reused packing materials, including tankers, cartons, and woven bags.

STPP Group and our distributors have been actively encouraging our consumers to reuse and recycle our products. In Africa, more than 70% of the woven bags of our detergent powder are being used for other purposes, such as packing farm products.