Liquid Detergents

For our clients who want to sell, we offer a range of ready-made liquid detergent formulas. Our products are effective enough for use in professional laundry, and gentle enough for use in a household.

Removing stains from textiles requires a formula with harmless effectiveness so that fabrics and tissues are not mistreated. Our field experience keeps growing day by day, allowing us to deliver excellent products for satisfied customers.

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We stand by our customers with unbeatable offers and unparalleled flexibility.

Keji Huang | CEO

Ultra-Concentrated Laundry Detergent Liquid

Super-concentrated liquid detergent, powered by plant-based surfactants. With AZZY, less is more!

Ultra Grease-Cutting Dishwashing Liquid

Efficient and friendly: a washing companion that saves both your time and your skin.

Fast-Acting Ultra-Lemon Glass Cleaner

Spray, wipe, and enjoy! One powerful agent for many different surfaces.

Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap Liquid

Bio-tech formula that keeps your hands clean and your family safe.

Caring Hand Wash Liquid

Gentle and delicate care for sensitive skin. A washer and a moisturizer.

3 in 1 Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Eco-friendly cleaner for a royally healthy throne room. Faster process, longer results.