The shipping process includes everything from chartering the vessel, over customs declaration, to handling all necessary documentation. Our strengths in shipping make the whole process going smoothly, providing exceptional convenience for the client.  We make sure that every load has been thoroughly examined. Old, unreliable shipping containers are not acceptable – our clients never receive leaked or damaged goods.

After loading, expert teams start working on the next step, handling and submitting all necessary documentation before the shipment reaches the destination. That way, we protect the client from experiencing any delays in customs clearance, making it possible to take over the goods immediately upon arrival.

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We stand by our customers with unbeatable offers and unparalleled flexibility.

Keji Huang | CEO

What Makes Our Shipping Service Exceptional


Stable supply of detergent chemicals

STTP Group covers both the upstream and downstream industries, which means we use and sell our detergent chemicals. Our production capacities are extensive enough to cover both ranges and satisfy a broad demand for the supply of detergent chemicals with reliability. Our clients do not experience delays, mistakes, or canceled orders. We take pride in being able to deliver faster than expected.


Fast transportation

Our internal and external transportation network is optimized, fast, and efficient. We have established reliable communication lines between all sides involved in the process to secure the flawless service from beginning to end. 


Strong relationship with top shipping companies

STTP Group works with the top shipping companies for years in order to ensure that the shipping is smooth enough. Our partner network includes are SAF, Evergreen, COSCO, and Maersk. Long-term cooperation builds strong relationships and opportunities to secure the best service terms through closed communication. This makes us confident enough to guarantee success in deliveries even in emergencies or during the exceptionally busy holiday times.


Expertise in dealing with global trading documentation

STTP Group employs a long-term experience in dealing with global trading to ensure efficient and flawless handling of all documentation. This step is crucial for successful shipment, as requirements and legislation vary between countries. Our dedicated experts are continuously engaged in handling all issues related to the documents to prevent any unnecessary delays.


Convenient payment terms

As a prominent manufacturer, we secured a variety of payment options available to our clients, including T/T, D/P, D/A, L/C, and O/A. Our clients can choose their best fitting method to work with us.


Overseas production experience

This is a considerable advantage for us compared to other competitors. Many manufacturers keep the production between borders, limiting their awareness of the local conditions in other countries. Having first-hand experience allows us to learn and detect various issues and deal with them in advance. STTP Group helped to set the production in several countries, along with our own production plant located in Ethiopia. We share the same living environment with our partners and know their troubles and demands. This experience helps us improve our shipping service even more. Taking into consideration many different factors, we provide better service day by day.