Detergent plant design and setup

As a part of our rounded production solutions, the STPP Group offers extensive expertise in designing, establishing, commissioning, and troubleshooting new productions.
Detergent Plant Commissioning and Start-Up Process

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That is why, instead of as a standalone service, our start-up and commissioning projects are a part of the full production lifecycle. We start by transitioning your idea from the design phase to the fully operational stage. We finish by securing an unmatchable supply and support network.


We don’t just pave our clients’ road to success—we maintain it, too

Witnessing the new production starting is a glorious moment. But that is not the end. It’s the first step towards knowledge, and a lot of unexpected things can go wrong. STPP’s expert team is there to prevent the damage by sharing years of direct operating experience in dealing with starting up hazards.

Raw materials supply chain for detergent factory

Each process is unique. That’s why we tailor our strategies to fit the client.


Feasibility study

It’s crucial for success to properly identify all specific needs and assemble all information. Our first step is to inspect local infrastructure and evaluate the practicality of power supply, water supply, fuel accessibility, and transport conditions. We will also inspect local market conditions in order to estimate ROI. Our clients can expect assistance in understanding local laws and regulations on the manufacturing sector to determine the local administration support.


Comprehensive market research

The client must conduct thorough market research in order to define the target market position, product planning, and estimated capacity of the plant. This can be done with or without our assistance.


Plant design

Our engineers design the plant in accordance with local laws and regulations and the customers’ product planning. After submitting the design, we establish a final agreement with mutual benefits.


Preparing and delivering plant equipment

Through self-manufacturing and partnering with reliable suppliers, we are able to deliver all equipment needed for the plant in a very short period of time.


Installation and commissioning

Our expert team arrives at the place to install the equipment and run commissioning until production systems are perfected, and the plant starts operating flawlessly. This process is smooth and runs by numbers. Our JPT-MS Joint Project Team has been long devoted to design, supply, and installation of modern, high-efficiency, turn-key production plants. We take pride in our comprehensive services, including technology transfer, staff training, spare parts supply, and routine maintenance.


Education and training

Our services do not end with successful commissioning. Our engineer team remains on-site as long as needed to transfer all the experience and know-how required for reliable daily operation. We set up the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and train the staff to the point where they are ready to handle the production smoothly and independently.


Raw materials supply chain and after-sales services

As a globally leading supplier of detergent chemicals and detergent packaging materials, STPP GROUP is able to supply our customers with high-quality raw materials necessary for the production, at unique terms and special conditions. Our goal is to establish mutually beneficial cooperation, offering a possibility of life-time after-sales services.

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We design and supply plants for the production of synthetic powder detergent and liquid detergents, including:

  • Powder detergent spray drying tower
  • Powder detergent post-tower blending & packing plant
  • Bulk detergent powder packing plant
  • Laundry detergent liquid processing plant
  • Dishwashing liquid processing line
  • Hand soap liquid processing plant
  • And more

The plant can cost as much as you are ready to invest. It can go as high as 45+ million USD, plus, or as little as 30,000 USD as a startup. STPP Group provides the full range of flexible solutions to those who want to start manufacturing Home Care and Cleaning products on their own. Our expert team is able to design your plant according to your demands, without exceeding the budget limits. 

Before investing in a new plant, it’s recommended to satisfy at least four essential parameters:

  • Owning a permission from your local administration to manufacture detergents.
  • Being a part of the market big enough for the plant to operate.
  • Securing a facility or a piece of land with stable energy supply and water supply for the plant operation.
  • Having a certain amount of investment budget at disposal.

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