Detergent Powder

STPP Group produces detergent powders in a diverse formula range to cover all the needs of textile cleaning. Highly developed products feature our experience and technology in the field of chemical ingredients, ensuring the best results with every use. Our powder detergents guarantee maximum effectiveness with the lowest dosage and high-quality at affordable prices.

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We stand by our customers with unbeatable offers and unparalleled flexibility.

Keji Huang | CEO

Premium Washing Powder

Washing powder with superpowers for an efficient deep wash. A high percentage of active surfactants guarantee rich foam and strong detergency.

Affordable Washing Powder

Economical formula to cover many loads. Large families’ best friend.

Bulk Packing Washing Powder

Mega pack. Easy to transport, ready for branding.

Detergent Base Powder

Semi-finished mega pack. Ready to customize.