Our Story

Over 20+ years, our production keeps improving, growing high, and spreading wide. We never stop learning or implementing new experiences in the process. What started as a modest, family-owned packaging manufacturer, today is a proud holding company with a worldwide presence. Browse our timeline and let us take you on a journey through our history.

Dedicated to Quality

The motivation to develop overseas is driven by a need to know our customers better. While exporting our products worldwide for many years, we aimed for a higher level of quality control after customs clearance, inland transportation, marketing, and brand building. Establishing local plants allowed us to ensure the highest quality from A to Z. With the ever-broadening knowledge our experts acquire through such projects, we are able to better understand and support our customers, now and in the future.

Devoted to Community Development

We use our complex supply chain and a vast practical know-how to help our customers set up manufacturing facilities and start their own local production. So far, we have built up production lines of powder and liquid detergents for numerous customers in India, Angola, Rwanda, Tanzania, and more. Instead of importing finished detergents, these customers can now buy detergent chemicals and packing materials from STPP Group, at a lower cost, paying less duty. Most importantly, such an approach leads to creating more jobs for local communities.

The Timeline


The journey of STPP Group, as we know it today, started in 2000 when the first footprint was marked. Zhejiang Nansu plastics factory (the former name of WEN ZHOU JIA YUAN PLASTICS CO., LTD ) was founded as a family-owned business producing industrial woven bags.


We had the honor of manufacturing washing powder packing woven bags for one of the leading detergent manufacturers in China, NICE GROUP. Since then, the STPP Group has been dedicated to the Home Care& Cleaning industry.


The Zhejiang Nansu plastics factory was reformed and renamed to WEN ZHOU JIA YUAN PLASTICS CO., LTD. In June, DONGGUAN JIAJI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD was founded to trade detergent chemicals to detergent manufacturers in South China. In November, WENZHOU JIA YONG TRADE CO., LTD was established to trade detergent chemicals, detergent packaging materials, and finished detergents globally. Since then, our enterprise has been on a rapid growth stage, successfully developing into a group of eight members.


In July, DONGGUAN WANHAO PACKAGE CO., LTD was founded, to produce flexible packaging materials for detergents.


In July, the holding parent company STPP GROUP CO. LIMITED was established in Hong Kong as a holding company dedicated to R & D, manufacturing and global trading of chemicals, packaging materials, finished products, together with production line equipment for the Home Care& Cleaning industry.


In June, GUANGXI JIAJI CHEMICALS CO., LTD was founded, to produce Sodium Tripolyphosphate(STPP).


In March, SICHUAN QIHUA CHEMICALS CO., LTD was founded to produce Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid (LABSA). In December, DONGGUAN WELAND INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD and KAIFENG WELAND INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD were acquired. STPP Group invested 10 million USD to upgrade facilities of both companies immediately after the acquisition.


The STPP Group set new directions for its development, focused on promoting global operations by building up overseas manufacturing facilities and operation centers.


In July, our first overseas manufacturing plant, DAFA SOAP AND DETERGENT MANUFACTURING PLC, was founded in Ethiopia. It marks a new threshold in company visions, aiming to place STPP Group on a global map, and more, to go downstream.


KAI FENG WE LAND INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD started operation in December. A 6-meters-diameter drying tower outputs 8 tons of powder detergent per hour.


Our latest investment is 4 new liquid detergent production lines, soon to be operational.