Detergent base powder

The detergent base powder is a lightweight puffed powder dried from detergent slurry in a spray drying tower. It’s a semi-finished synthetic detergent preparation, featuring most of the commercial synthetic detergent functions, ready for the final polishing and customization on-site.

Our three spray drying towers output 20 tons of detergent base powder per hour. We supply detergent base powder with customized formulas & packaging, at competitive prices, along with auxiliary ingredients, and packaging materials.

  • 10Kg, 15Kg, 25Kg, 50Kg in woven bags with PE liner 
  • 500Kg, 650Kg in jumbo bags with PE liner 
  • Dongguan City, China
  • Kaifeng City, China
  • 1* 40HQ for neutral mark packaging 
  • 2*40HQ for customized mark packaging

T/T, DP, DA, OA, LC 

10,000+ tons per month

Within 20 days for neutral mark packaging; Within 30 days for customized mark packaging 

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Generally, we consider it as a semi-finished detergent. But to the businesses who own a post-tower processing plant, the base powder is normally regarded as a raw material. It needs additional processing before it’s ready for sale, which is labor-consuming and value-adding. 

As far as we have learnt, it’s commonly declared as a raw material when being imported. The import duty rate to charge on it is much lower than a finished detergent.

It varies. Commonly, Color speckles, Perfume, Nonionic surfactant, and Enzymes are to add into base powder for post-tower processing. And in some cases, STPP, 4A Zeolite, Soda Ash, and foaming agents (AOS, K12) can also be used. And we supply all those auxiliary ingredients, and the packaging materials of your finished products as well.

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A washing powder post-tower processing plant is needed. We offer one-stop package services for such plants, including designing, establishing, technology transferring, and furthermore supplying base powder, auxiliary chemicals, and packaging materials, along with lifetime technical support.

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