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Powder Detergent: Ingredients and Manufacturing Process Explained

From ancient times, people were manufacturing some kind of soaps. Even today, the difference between soap and detergent powder is strict – but not huge.

Traditional methods commonly included boiling fats and ashes. Modern production, although greatly improved, relies on the same essential properties.

While the powder detergent is dry and enhanced with a range of technologically advanced additives – it’s still technically based on fatty acids and lye.

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Liquid detergent production by STPP Group - from laboratory to consumer
Tips and tricks

What is Liquid Detergent Made Of? (and 15 Reasons Why it Matters)

It has been a long road since the first soap bars appeared, and even longer since doing laundry indicated hard physical labor.

Animal fat-based detergents have been known since the 18th century, while synthetic detergents hit the market about 70 years ago. From that day forward, fresh innovations keep making our lives easier.

With the addition of enzymes, the idea of “stubborn stains” started to gradually disappear, but smudges of grease and hard water still caused a lot of headaches. And then came the liquid washing detergent.

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