Washing Powder Packaging Laminated Film Roll

As a part of STPP Group’s rounded one-stop supply chain for the household detergent industry, Dongguan Wanhao Package Co., Ltd, is an expert in Flexible packaging materials for FMCG. We are a second to none manufacturer of laminated film rolls for washing powder packaging.

  • Dongguan City, China
  • Wenzhou City, China

300Kg for trail sampling orders 

T/T, DP, DA, OA, LC 

10,000 plus tons per month 

Within 25 days for the first order (10 extra days needed for printing cylinders); Within 15 days for regular orders.  

Our Production Process

1. Printing

Dongguan Wanhao possesses 4 cutting-edge rotogravure printing machines in its two production bases, which allows us to print any customized design on PET/BOPP/NY films, hi-resolution and true to original designs, with up to 10 colors.

2. Inspecting

After printing, we use a high-speed Auto Optical Inspector to inspect the printing quality. This controlling machine enables us to check all our printed films efficiently and cost-effectively, in order to guarantee a 100% qualification rate.

3. Lamination

Our 4 high-speed laminating machines (2 solvent-based and 2 solvent-free) are able to laminate printed PET/BOPP/NY films with PE films up to the desired thickness and dependable strength.

4. Drying

At Wanhao, technically invented drying rooms are employed to dry laminated film roll stocks, which guarantees quality stability and efficiency. 

5. Slitting

Our 5 intelligent computer-controlled automatic slitting machines are able to slit and separate fill roll stock precisely into designed dimensions.

Ask an expert

Did we forget something? Do you have a specific issue that needs a solution? Consider it done! Our professionals are at your service 24/7, ready to answer every question in a clear and concise manner.

We need you to provide us the original design artwork of your packaging design, in AI format or PSD format. If you don’t have it, no worries. We have very talented designers in our team, who can help you with the creative and unique design under your own trademark. 

If you have a mature packaging, please provide us its material, dimension, thickness, and color information or send us samples. If you don’t have an existing one, please let’s have the information regarding the items you plan to pack. Our team is able to offer professional valuable advices to help you to develop an excellent packaging. Then from there, we can offer you our best price accordingly.

Yes, we do charge our customers for the printing cylinders. But we also have a policy saying that such payment for the cylinders will be refunded when the purchasing amount of that particular packaging design reaches 200,000.00 USD.

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