15 Commonly Asked Questions About Powder Detergent Formulas

Detergent powder sample by STTP Group

STPP Group is an experienced manufacturer of powder detergents, and our experts face diverse questions from our clients and end consumers. We believe in transparency and shared knowledge, and you will always find us happy to provide the answers.

Here you will find a collection of the most frequently asked questions about powder detergents, coming from those who genuinely depend on the correct answers: our customers.

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Where can I get a washing powder’s formula?

The best way to get a proper, functional formula that’s in line with your local legislation is to address an experienced manufacturer. Private labeling is an ideal way to produce your own powder detergent without making a significant investment.

How do you make cheap washing powder?

The cheap washing powder can appear in several forms, but the concept of cheap is vague by nature. For instance, a large economical package of quality washing powder is sometimes cheaper than an average box of affordable detergent. However, when it comes to producing, the idea of cheap washing powder refers to the simplest product type, with limited detergency and properties.

Why is salt used in detergent powder? Which one?

Salt forms a detergent base that reacts with an acid to neutralize it.

Alkalies – which serve as builders and thus make a primary component in most detergents – are soluble salts.

What is the harm of powder detergent?

Depending on the formula’s consistency and quality, there might be a slight chance of caking and pipes getting clogged by built-up residue. However, in most cases, these are only minor issues, easy to fix and eliminate.

Does powder detergent damage washing machines?

When the detergent formula doesn’t dissolve well, the residue can gradually build up and clog the draining system. Similar to the previous, it rarely causes big problems

Is powder detergent better than liquid?

That depends on many factors. The detergent powder is often the most affordable, and ideal for use against mud, grass, or clay. It can be better than liquid if, for instance, most of your washing loads contain the clothes worn outdoors. However, if you live in an area with exceptionally hard water, you might find a liquid detergent more efficient.

Is powder detergent better than liquid for washing machines?

Powdered detergents must dissolve properly in order to avoid build-up residue and white stains on fabrics. It performs its best on high temperatures and “soft” water. It’s also strongly recommended to avoid overstuffing the washing machine. When the clothes move freely, they are practically washing themselves, thus eliminating the chance of white residue stains.

What is the best powder detergent?

The best powder detergent is the one that suits your needs and your wallet. It should be effective and functional, above all. 

If you are washing a lot of heavy stains of various origins, your best bet is a versatile, heavy-duty, premium washing powder. On the other hand, if you have many loads per week, an affordable washing powder in an economy pack is probably worth considering. Alternatively, you may opt for concentrated formulas that perform great in small doses. 

Does powder detergent cause mold?

Compared to liquid detergents, washing powders are less likely to leave the mold-prone type of residue.

Does powder laundry detergent clog pipes?

When used in hard water areas, for low-temperature washing, powder laundry detergent may not dissolve properly, leading to a build-up in pipes. In time, it may lead to clogging. However, these issues are never severe, and a mechanic can easily remove the culprit.

Can I put washing powder in the drum?

In general, powder detergent can be used in the drum – but it’s not really recommended. Depending on the formula, there might be a slight risk of the product not dissolving properly, leaving white residue on the fabrics as a result. Besides ugly appeal, it can provoke minor skin issues such as itching.

Can you put powder laundry detergent directly on clothes?

It’s possible to use powder detergent for pre-wash on heavy stains, but it’s not the most convenient solution for dry clothes. The alternative would be to put it directly in the drum – please refer to the previous question.

Is powder detergent better than pods?

The pods are more convenient, easier to use, and pre-dosed. At the same time, they are also pricier and not best to keep near kids and pets. Powder detergent requires minimal effort and proper handling & dosage but is also more efficient on certain types of stains.

How can I make a powder detergent that has a high foam?

Your best bet is to contact a manufacturer with experience. Apart from the advantages that come when buying ingredients directly from manufacturers, you can also get all the information needed to establish your own production. Alternatively, you can opt for private labeling with the benefits of using all professional resources with minimal investment.

Is powder or liquid detergent cheaper?

There are many detergents on the market, in a broad price range.

Depending on the brand and the formula of the washing powder, you might find both affordable and pricey versions. The best way to compare is by efficiency, power, and price per load.

The bottom line

Washing powders offer several advantages that ensure great laundry results. Besides the power to eliminate most stains with a single washing cycle, it’s also the best option for mud, grass, and similar soils. When used in high temperatures, washing powder poses a minimal threat to the health of your pipes and washer.