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Detergent powder sample by STTP Group
Common problems

15 Commonly Asked Questions About Powder Detergent Formulas

STPP Group is an experienced manufacturer of powder detergents, and our experts face diverse questions from our clients and end consumers. We believe in transparency and shared knowledge, and you will always find us happy to provide the answers.

Here you will find a collection of the most frequently asked questions about powder detergents, coming from those who genuinely depend on the correct answers: our customers.

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Buying directly from detergent manufacturers
Common problems

Buying Directly From Manufacturers: Yes or No?

Traditional relations between manufacturers, wholesalers, and customers have been changing for quite a while.

Wholesalers used to be the ultimate link in the chain, the key connection between manufacturers and customers. The cases when producers have been selling goods directly to clients were an exception rather than a rule.

Instead, wholesalers served as brokers who purchased products in bulk to resell, which led to final customers buying them at higher rates.

Is it time for such a situation to change?

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