A Message From Our CEO for 2021

Keji Huang writing a message to the community

Every challenge is an opportunity for new growth, and every fall is a new chance to rise. Today we call it a struggle. Tomorrow we will call it strength.

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Looking back at 2020

The whole world had the tough and bitter year of 2020, hit by the uninvited COVID-19 pandemic. Almost every one of us lost something precious. Many lost their lives. Many lost their loved ones. Many lost their businesses. Still, we must find the strength to keep fighting while the COVID-19 struggles to overstay in 2021.

Challenges and achievements

The STPP Group was also afflicted by the pandemic. We faced many challenges, including travel restrictions, raw material shortage, cost raise. The biggest trial we encountered in 2020 was the sky-rocketing of ocean transport rates.

However, being a cohesive team that draws strength from unity, the STPP Group managed to overcome all issues and achieve satisfactory results. Our sales turnover in 2020 increased by 13.8% compared to 2019 while maintaining the same margin level. Among our nine successful group members, DAFA SOAP AND DETERGENT MANUFACTURING PLC in Ethiopia is a rising star. Its explosive growth led to a sales turnover increase of 82% over 2019.

Contribution to fight against COVID-19

STPP Group is committed to doing its share in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. In February 2020, STPP Group’s subsidiary DONGGUAN WELAND INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD urgently established a new production line for manufacturing disinfectants and hand soap liquid

In July of 2020, DAFA SOAP AND DETERGENT MANUFACTURING PLC installed a modern advanced production line for hand soap liquid. It proved to be a significant help for Ethiopian’s fight against COVID-19, previously suffering from scarce product supply in the region.

STPP Group’s joint team with MEIBAO INDUSTRIAL, JPT-MS, supported our clients in establishing new production lines of hygiene products in several other countries, including India, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Zambia, and Malaysia. These countries had a very limited local supply of hygiene products, which affected the publics’ ability to protect themselves from COVID-19. 

Instead of exporting finished products, STPP Group chose to help setting up local manufacturing. We believe in sustainable ways to contribute.

Looking into 2021

2020 is history, but COVID-19 is not. It appears to persist in the decision to stay with us for an extended season.

The pandemic has changed the world in too many ways, and it will continue doing so. As lucky survivors, we (both as humans and business organizations) must perceive the changes and adapt ourselves to the “new world.” After all, that’s exactly what evolution means. Some of the survival methods have imposed themselves as obligatory.

1. Investing in digital marketing

Travel restrictions caused by COVID-19 invalidated the majority of traditional offline marketing channels. Online marketing is becoming crucial for the success of international businesses. With increased awareness and a tendency to remain relevant, STPP Group launched its new official site, following the decision to devote to investing in long-term online marketing.

2. Stronger investing in hygiene products

Over the last two decades, STPP Group acquired a solid position in the Homecare & Cleaning industry. The ongoing pandemic led to explosive demand for personal hygiene products. Our forecasts show that such trends will continue as the awareness of personal sanitary importance keeps growing worldwide. STPP Group will focus on investing in the broadened supply of finished hygiene products, raw materials, and production line equipment.

3. Significant investment into globalization and localization in our target markets

DAFA SOAP AND DETERGENT MANUFACTURING PLC in Ethiopia is STPP Group’s first footprint in going global. In 2021 and the years to come, we aim to establish more overseas subsidiaries to localize our businesses, in order to provide better support to our clients and consumers. STPP Group looks to develop local sales teams in Nigeria and Ghana in 2021 for both detergent chemicals and plant equipment.

United in the indomitable spirit

In turbulent times we hold firm to our core values. STPP Group is a community ready to face any challenge. The pressure empowers our strength, broadens our perspectives, and brings us closer together. We stand straight, prepared to endure trial times while looking forward to more tranquil ones that are soon to come.